Are You Thinking Incrementally or Exponentially?

Merry Richter
Dec 20, 2018

How do you create and lead an exponential business? How might you achieve breakthrough results in this time of profound disruption and accelerating change? Before you can change what you do, you need to change how you think.In these times of rapid disruption, we need new mental maps to navigate our changing landscape. It’s not a matter of layering on a new map over the old. We actually need to unlearn our old mental models. In one of our most popular webinars, you’ll learn invaluable insights to help you shift your mindset and see how to apply exponential thinking to any aspect of your life and work.Watch this on-demand webinar to recognize when you’re thinking incrementally and exponentially and to learn how incremental thinking puts a limit on what we think is possible. We also share the real reason that exponential projects meet internal resistance and how to overcome it. You’ll also hear why companies often fail after achieving exponential growth.

Mark Bonchek

The speaker, Mark Bonchek, is a member of SU’s faculty who speaks about innovation regularly in our programs. As an advisor, entrepreneur, executive, and thought leader, Mark has developed a powerful way of thinking about how organizations can grow, engage, organize, and transform.Watch this highly relevant webinar today. Your future self will thank you!