A Better Future Through Exponential Inception

Valeria Graziani
Aug 8, 2022

Famous for Asado, tango and its Latin culture, Buenos Aires is Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital city, a bustling tech metropolis and the birthplace of Latin America’s most successful unicorn startups: Aleph, Bitfarms (BITF), Mural, Tiendanube, Ualá and Vercel. And in just one year, the number of Argentinian unicorns climbed from six to eleven, making Argentina a Latin American (LATAM) hotbed for tech and entrepreneurship. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit such as this, the human capital in Buenos Aires sets it apart from other startup hubs around the world. With 456 startups in Argentina, nearly 64 percent are located in Buenos Aires. The Argentinian capital and its larger metropolitan area are home to 291 startup companies as of April 2022. In addition, Buenos Aires is home to passionate people who are shaping the future by investing in their community through free higher education programs (making Argentina’s population some of the most educated in LATAM), a government that empowers its citizens to succeed in an evolving economy and programs aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and impact. 

If you don’t change the world, the world will change without you, so why not start with the next generation and teach them how to own their future? Singularity Group’s Buenos Aires chapter is collaborating with local entities and organizations to promote exponential entrepreneurship that is making an impact on the youth. By doing so, they aim to hand the baton to a new generation capable and prepared to positively impact the world at scale.

Singularity Group’s Buenos Aires Chapter is owning the future and making it even better based on two main concepts: 1) “a better future needs better leaders,” and 2) “Exponential Inception.” In September, the Buenos Aires team is set to launch Exponential Inception to all of LATAM. 

Exponential Inception is a program designed for future leaders and entrepreneurs of LATAM to create positive impact on their environment, understand the future and know how to converge 10x technologies to change organizations and communities for the better. Expert speakers cover topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics, biotech, AR, VR, quantum computing and much more. The program also discusses how to apply those technologies to global challenges such as climate change, health tech, energy, water, poverty and accessibility, to name a few.

"In LATAM, we have a lot of young entrepreneurs that want to make a positive impact, but the context is too challenging. So we want to inspire them to embark on disruptive startups based on exponential technologies to transform reality." - Federico Marque

Through the free, 3-month virtual program, Exponential Inception also aims to connect with anyone unable to afford programs that foster entrepreneurship and knowledge of exponential technologies. It is opportunity-filled for young future entrepreneurs who want to learn more about entrepreneurship and exponential technologies, to inspire them and teach them about mindset and impact. It can also help young entrepreneurs connect with the Singularity Global Network in more than 127 countries.

Keeping in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our Buenos Aires chapter truly has impact at the center of their initiative with a focus on quality education (Goal 4) and industry, innovation, and infrastructure (Goal 9). In 2015, the SDGs were adopted by the United Nations as a universal call to action to protect the planet, end poverty and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. This commitment to prioritize progress has held our Buenos Aires Chapter to a high standard when planning and executing their impact goals.

Singularity Group’s Buenos Aires Chapter knows the importance of impact and understands that it can come from anywhere, even from those who aren’t given equal opportunities. And in providing opportunities to those who otherwise wouldn't have it, they are tapping into undiscovered potential for the future of the world and leaders of a new generation.