A Better Ecological Future Through Education

Valeria Graziani
Dec 20, 2022

Poland is a land known for its stunning and distinct geography, so it comes as no surprise that the country is working to keep its impact on the environment a positive one. To aid in that mission our Warsaw Chapter is stepping up its efforts to educate for a better ecological future. 

Our all-woman-founded and led Warsaw Chapter has some big plans as they aim to reach and train 500 teachers and 10,000 children. They have currently delivered 40 workshops for 2,029 teachers in schools across Poland in the first edition of their Be.Eco program about eco issues (climate, biodiversity, waste and segregation, circulation economy, important eco-initiatives). 

Part of this work included:  

  • Conducting a survey on how they implemented the knowledge in their work with schoolchildren 
  • Collecting data about the number of lesson scenarios and student participation
  • Launching an online knowledge test in which 6,258 students participated 

Moving forward they plan to expand the Be.Eco programs for businesses and schools across the country.

Poland, a country of great biological diversity, spans between the sandy beaches of the northern Baltic Sea, lakes, rivers, Europe's most ancient old-growth forests, lowlands to extensive uplands and grand mountain peaks like the Tatra mountains in the south. According to TheMayor.EU, "The Polish capital, Warsaw, wants to become even more active in the fight against climate change – one of the most important challenges that the city is currently facing." For efforts to be successful, Poland is ramping up awareness for every citizen and believe that the best chance of success lies in arming every teacher with educational material and resources and broadening education about air pollution and climate change in local schools so that younger generations can prepare to preserve the planet we all call home. 

At Singularity, we know that education remains a cornerstone of innovation. As part of each Impact Project, we ask our Chapters to align under one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Warsaw Chapter’s Impact Project aligns under SDG #4: Quality Education as the main focus of their mission and SDG #12: Responsible Consumption and Production as a secondary goal. With the thesis that education is the basis of positive societal changes and the power to expand ecological awareness exponentially, they’ve focused their work to support topics like sustainable fashion, food waste issues, circular economy, zero waste and 5R ideas. Our Chapter's efforts to bring awareness to this vital cause are undeniably important. 

Complementing the direction their country is headed, our Warsaw Chapter set its focus to help in the mission for a better ecological tomorrow. In collaboration with Digital University Foundation, our Warsaw Chapter aims to preserve the natural balance by providing both primary and secondary school teachers and students with educational materials on ecology. By placing education at the forefront of their mission, it will help teachers and future generations design technology solutions that will help positively impact the environment in Poland and, ultimately, the world. 

The Chapter has already started the second edition of the Be.Eco program for schools throughout Poland. It aims to show young people how they can make a positive impact by changing their everyday habits and choices to become eco-friendly individuals. It also helps younger generations understand and adapt to the ever-changing world and educates them about climate change issues and its consequences. 

The impact of climate change, air pollution, and all other ecological challenges is not directly apparent day-to-day. Like many things, it takes repetition of the same behavioral pattern to notice an effect, especially one as delicate and grand as our environment. The scale of humanity's ecological footprint is apparent when we look back at our past. However, like all great things, good and bad, it takes time to change– time and repetition of the same behavioral patterns. Rehabilitating our environment will take generations of education, and our Warsaw Chapter is leading the way toward a better future for Poland and the world. 

Looking to get involved in our Warsaw Chapter or find a Chapter in your city? Contact us at community@su.org or visit su.org/chapters to learn more about how you can make an impact.