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Singularity’s custom enterprise programs compel leadership teams to think differently, see opportunity amid disruption, and drive transformation within their organization.

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See how  Airbus, Lowe's and Bayer, found a vision of the future with Singularity Enterprise Solutions.

lead through disruption

Your guide to the future, Singularity will work with you to identify key outcomes and develop a customized program built upon proven frameworks for strategy, leadership and innovation.

Change is happening and happening fast. The democratization of technology means that disruption is both a threat and an opportunity for every business. To get and stay ahead, organizations are challenged to build leadership teams who not only embrace constant change, but thrive in its midst. Our consultative and collaborative approach to leadership development delivers a clear path forward with transformational outcomes that help you see possible, probable and preferred futures.

Whether your goal is to create impact, accelerate organizational transformation, learn about how exponential technologies will shape our futures, or upskill your leadership team, we will work with you to build a program that meets your business needs.

skills development

Develop new mental models and capabilities to anticipate, adapt and address future challenges


Gain a deeper understanding of how exponential technologies and breakthrough ideas will shape the future

digital citizenship

Create greater digital fluency across the organization and prepare leaders to quickly and responsibly capitalize on disruptive opportunities


Create collective understanding of your company's future vision and train leaders to model new behaviors that can transform culture

exponential mindset

Develop the ability to think bigger and rise above the chaos in the wake of unprecedented rates of change

future vision

Explore possible futures and develop a compelling vision with creative storytelling to unite stakeholders behind an (un)common vision.

the future is better with a guide

Since 2007, Singularity has worked with leading experts from diverse backgrounds including academia, entrepreneurship, government organizations, and venture capitalism. This ensures exposure to a wide range of perspectives from the most forward thinking experts.

divya chandler

The Future of Medicine

ray kurzweil

The Singularity

david roberts

Exponential Leadership

alix rübsaam

Algorithmic Bias

anne connelly


shuo chen

AI + Blockchain

ja-nae duane

Impact + Disruption

pablos holman


charlene li


hod lipson

Data + Robotics

tom chi

rapid prototyping


intro to

sam snabes

additive manufacturing

aaron frank

Web 3.0

darlene damm

Impact + Startups

anita schjøll brede

Artificial Intelligence

john hagel

Intro to

mark jackson


cathie wood


jamie metzl

Futurism + Geopolitics
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create future-focused leaders

Leadership transformation starts with a ‘mindset shift’ by working through the 5 stages of transformation. With Singularity, future-ready leaders and teams build the muscle to think differently and gain the courage and resilience to thrive during uncertain times.

You will be equipped with the new skills, tools, and mental models required to champion and lead transformation initiatives across your organization, ultimately building stakeholder value and increasing the bottom line while building a better future for both people and planet.


Become aware that change is needed 


Gain organizational alignment and jointly discover what’s possible


Connect with a network of future-thinking leaders to leverage the collective expertise


Develop a future-focused vision and narrative


Activate your organization, implement change and commit to an ongoing process of innovation

rethink what's possible

We work with key enterprise organizations to build transformational strategies, develop future-focused leaders, drive culture change, and innovate new products and services within the following teams:

  • Leadership Development

    empower yourself and your organization to anticipate, embrace and capitalize on exponential technologies and trends.

  • Company Culture

    champion a culture of transformation, and track culture and behavior change within your organization.

  • Strategy and Innovation

    learn to think like a futurist, scale exponential thinking throughout your organization and build strategies to support your future vision.

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"We left the session with a powerful mindset shift, moving from a constraint-based thinking model, to thinking in a world of abundance. The sentence that stuck most with everyone is, If you can’t imagine a future without X, then just do it."

Robert Rabe
SAP Digital

"Normally … research within our company is looking backwards, but we are not really looking into the future in a sophisticated way...so it was natural for us to turn to SU, who is probably the best in exponential technologies and understanding what it means and the impact it has, to...understand how life and society will look in 2030..."

Hakan Nordkvist

"It is a major issue for a global company if you cannot innovate at the pace of smaller, more agile competitors. It can be overwhelming. SU helps us stay on an advanced and relevant innovation track."

Dirk Schapeler

"SU brought uncertainty to our process, which initially was very uncomfortable for us, but really added value in pushing us to improve our solution. Once we accepted it, we were able to better plan with more positive propositions and better, more flexible outcomes for the short and long term. The SU process adapted very well to the technology."

Alexandre Godin

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