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Exponential Technologies

Future of Medicine Program Template

Program Overview

From Singularity’s Exponential Technologies  track, the “Future of Medicine” program delivers an insider’s view into the future of healthcare by exploring the transformative implications that exponential technologies hold for the industry. 


In this one-day, in-person program, participants will gain insights through Expert-led sessions and cutting-edge case studies. Through hands-on workshops, scenario planning, and guided discussions, participants gain skills to apply exponential concepts to their unique organizational contexts.

Themes & Topics

This program provides an in-depth understanding of how technologies are reshaping healthcare by guiding participants to explore how technologies are transforming, improving, and extending life. Topics covered will include artificial intelligence, sensors, synthetic biology and more.


Exponential Medicine

Track the acceleration of technologies disrupting healthcare.


Strategic Foresight

Anticipate risks and opportunities in order to build strategies that prepare your organization.


Moonshot Thinking

Envision breakthroughs that could transform healthcare.



Objectives & Outcomes:

The program’s learning objectives are to:

  • Examine exponential forces shaping the future of healthcare
  • Understand how advances in AI, synthetic biology, and other technologies will impact the competitive landscape over the next decade. 
  • Assess risks as well as opportunities to leverage technology in healthcare.

As a result of this program, participants will be:

  • Empowered to make informed decisions about responding to the impacts of technological change on their sector.
  • Strategic in their approach to leveraging  technology to improve health/healthcare.
  • Adept at thinking exponentially to envision moonshot innovations that can save lives.


All sessions included are draft and dependent on Client approval and Expert availability. Interactive elements will be added into the agenda, in partnership with the facilitator, after sessions are selected. 

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DAY 01

Introduction to Exponentials (presented by facilitator)

Thinking exponentially is a foundational skill taught at Singularity; for example, understanding that each year the power/speed of technology is doubling as the cost is dropping by half. Getting into the exponential mindset is a fundamental step before projecting into the future. Participants will learn the basic definition of exponential growth and dive into its implications, shifting from a linear perspective to exponential. 

Humans typically overestimate growth in the short-term and underestimate it in the long-term, due to the deceptive nature of exponential growth. Accordingly, the exponential growth and adoption of  artificial intelligence, biotechnologies, advanced manufacturing and more can be surprising. As these technologies become more powerful they also become cheaper and more widely accessible, creating seeds of disruption by removing would-be competitors’ previous barriers to entry. 

This session will prepare you for thinking about these repeated growth patterns, how they apply to your industry, and what actions you can take as a result. For this program, the session will focus specifically on examples in the fields of healthcare and medicine. 

Biology is the Technology

Advancements in biological tools and computation in recent years has not only allowed us to study biology better, but is allowing us to engineer with biology. Technologies like CRISPR and sequencing have completely changed the way we diagnose and treat diseases, and have also allowed us to manipulate our physical world - from new food products, agriculture, biomaterials, consumer goods, industrial processing, to fighting climate change. We will take a look at the exciting new applications in this brave new world where we can bioengineer the world around us and ourselves.

Future of Medicine

Learn about the current mechanisms driving progress in Medicine: Robotics, Sensors, and DNA technologies such as CRISPR.

  • The miniaturization of sensors and equipment are decreasing the invasiveness of medical therapy
  • Algorithms and machine learning will increase the capacity of our healthcare providers
  • Bioelectronics will exceed the power of many pharmaceuticals with fewer side effects
  • We may all soon have access to solutions that can prevent and cure genetic diseases, helping humanity to realize the end of cancer as a life-threatening disease.

In the not-too-distant future, these mechanisms will change our treatments, change our understanding of aging, and allow us to rewrite the leading causes of death. 

AI Healthcare Revolution

AI is disrupting and enhancing all industries, and notably for all human beings, healthcare is advancing at a rapid pace. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the AI healthcare revolution and its potential impact on the future of healthcare professionals.

The use of AI in healthcare has the potential to greatly improve patient outcomes and streamline processes, but it is important for healthcare professionals to understand the implications of this rapidly evolving field. Participants will learn about the latest developments in AI healthcare research, and their implications for the future of the medical industry. Data augmentation and generation will be a major focus.

Throughout the session, participants will engage in discussions and explore case studies to gain a deeper understanding of the implications of AI in healthcare. They will learn about the benefits and challenges of incorporating AI in the medical field and how healthcare professionals can prepare for this change. 

This session is ideal for healthcare professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve and understand the impact of AI on their future careers. Professionals who are not in healthcare may also be fascinated and engaged by the relatable examples that have strong applicability in industries other than healthcare. By the end of the session, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the AI healthcare revolution and its potential implications for their health and for their careers.

Longevity: Is 150 the Next 80?

Participants join this deep dive to explore the major scientific and technical challenges and opportunities for radical innovation in longevity. While there is a great deal of excitement around extending human life, critical breakthroughs are necessary to drive true revolution—and applications that actually work. How close are we to major breakthroughs, and where can—and should—those breakthroughs take us?

In this session, participants will:

  • Identify the major scientific and technological gaps that must be closed to further extend the human life and health spans.
  • Explore potential solutions to these gaps, including some currently underway.
  • Learn to distinguish between hype and hope in longevity
  • Consider both disruptions and opportunities for organizations and societies as longevity is transformed
  • Take a far-horizon approach to exploring the impacts of radically longer, healthier human lives on our families, organizations,and communities.

This session is perfect for horizon-scanning leaders who seek to prepare for—and leverage—major disruptions to the “business as usual” of the last one hundred years.

Headlines from the Future workshop (presented by facilitator)

The activity aims to strengthen learners’ future forecasting muscles by making predictions about the future. Participants work in groups to determine whether an event is likely to happen in 0-5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, or beyond, share their reasoning, and receive feedback from experts and other participants. This will empower the audience to recognize the potential impacts of horizon technologies that will impact their world. 

During this session, participants will:

  • Understand how technologies are converging and disrupting in various fields.
  • Use the 6Ds to analyze and predict the trajectories of various exponential technologies.
  • Feel comfortable projecting technology trends into the future, and in using evidence to support their projection.

DAY 02
DAY 03
DAY 03
DAY 03
DAY 03

Introduction to Exponentials

(presented by facilitator)

Thinking exponentially is core to everything we teach at Singularity, this means that we start with showing how each year the power and/or speed of technology is doubling and/or the cost is dropping by half. Getting into the mindset of thinking exponentially is a fundamental first step for projecting into the future. During this session participants will not just understand the basic definition of exponential growth, but dive into its implications, and shift from a linear way of thinking to an exponential one.

We typically overestimate growth in the short term, and underestimate it in the long term due to the deceptive nature of exponential growth. Because computational technologies (including artificial intelligence, biotechnologies, advanced manufacturing, and more) progress exponentially, its growth and adoption can be surprising. As these technologies continue to democratize, access to use them becomes more widespread and more and more people, companies, and industries will have a role to play in how they’re leveraged.This session will prepare you for thinking about these growth patterns, how they apply to your industry, and what role you can play in their use.

Creating Impact in an Exponential world

The world around us is changing at an exponential pace. From climate change to water to hunger, global issues are becoming more challenging and growing faster than traditional organizations are able to manage. What does it mean to create impact in this new environment? And how can you, as one of today's most capable leaders, define your own massive transformative purpose?

DAY 03