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Elie Losleben

Trauma Specialist
  • Location
    New Zealand
  • Area of Expertise
    Wellbeing, Foundational Concepts, Transformation, Leadership, Ethics
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Elie Losleben is a prominent speaker addressing leaders on navigating change without compromising well-being. In an era of exponential transformation, she emphasizes innovative leadership and stress adaptation. As the former head of Code Innovation, Elie spearheaded international development projects across Africa, South Asia, and Latin America, supported by organizations like UNICEF, the UK Department for International Development, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.Her experience in post-conflict Liberia underscored the significance of personal well-being in meaningful work. Elie's mission evolved to educating aid workers on combatting burnout during world-changing efforts. Having trained over two thousand individuals in person and online, her expertise delves into the stress leaders encounter in rapidly evolving societies.Grounded in neuroscience, trauma research, and evidence-based approaches, Elie equips individuals with strategies to enhance personal resilience. Holding a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and a BA from the American University in Cairo, she has integrated leadership and well-being teachings into Singularity University programs since 2014. Recognized as an Edmund Hillary Fellow, Elie divides her time between the Bay Area and New Zealand.


Adapting to Stress in Exponential Times