Elie Losleben

Singularity Expert: Wellbeing, Leadership, Health

Elie helps corporate leaders and policy makers understand that to remain competitive and adaptive, we must radically rework how we approach wellbeing. Instead of seeing “self-care” as an afterthought, resilient wellbeing must become the cornerstone of effective and future-forward leadership. Elie has shared her unique perspective with large multinationals including Barclay’s Bank, and leadership groups including EO and YPO. Her talks have been called “gutsy” and “provocative” for the conversations they catalyze and the impact they create.

From the US, but raised in India, Kenya, and Egypt, Elie has spent most of her professional life in West Africa, Southeast Asia, and Micronesia. She speaks six languages and is proficient at sharing her work with diverse groups and cultures. Elie’s area of expertise is in sharing about trauma from a neuroscience perspective that is immediately relevant to business leaders and their organizations.

Her experience as an aid worker and co-founder with tech projects supported by the Gates Foundation, UNICEF, and others forced her to prioritize personal wellbeing to get the job done. She has trained with leaders in the trauma resolution field and remains up to date on cutting edge neuroscience and behavioral research that continues to shift the paradigm of how we think about — and optimize — mental health and wellbeing.

Elie has a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and a BA from the American University in Cairo. She has designed leadership and wellbeing into Singularity University programs since 2014, including at Global Solutions Programs and Executive Programs. She now works one-on-one with leaders and changemakers in her private trauma resolution practice, helping high-achieving professionals have better relationships. She is an Edmund Hillary Fellow and lives between the Bay Area and New Zealand.