Elie Losleben

Singularity Expert: Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Health

Elie speaks to leaders about how to create change without sacrificing our wellbeing. Living in times of exponential change requires new approaches to leadership and how we adapt to stress. For over a decade, Elie led her technology company, Code Innovation, in international development projects across Africa, South Asia and Latin America. Her open source technology projects received support from UNICEF, the UK Department for International Development, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. After years working in post-conflict Liberia, Elie understood the importance of personal wellbeing while doing the work that matters. She began to teach aid workers how to navigate the burnout that comes with trying to change the world. Before long, she had taught wellbeing for changemakers to over two thousand people in person and even more online. Elie has a unique viewpoint on the stress that leaders face in a society undergoing rapid change. Her work draws on neuroscience, trauma research, and evidence-based research to teach people how to build personal resilience. Elie has a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and a BA from the American University in Cairo. She has designed leadership and wellbeing into Singularity University programs since 2014, including at Global Solutions Programs and Executive Programs. She is an Edmund Hillary Fellow and lives between the Bay Area and New Zealand.