Kian Gohar

Singularity Expert: Entrepreneurship; Crowdsourcing

Kian Gohar is a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and futurist, and inspires organizations to build high performing exponential teams. He is Founder & CEO of Geolab, an innovation research and leadership development firm.

He’s co-author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book “Competing in the New World of Work” published by Harvard Business Review in 2022.

A former executive director of the XPRIZE Foundation and Singularity University, Kian has coached the leadership teams of dozens of Fortune 500 companies on innovation, leadership and the future of work.

Kian has been featured widely in global media, and is a sought-after keynote speaker for marquee events globally. He’s a graduate of the Harvard Business School, and can be found on social media @fromthekgb.

Speaking Topics

Crowdsourcing, The Sharing Economy & Open Innovation

One of the most significant implications of connectivity is the rise of the “crowd economy.” Work, insights, experience and money can all be aggregated and matched in an environment of increasingly distributed global work. This keynote explores crowdsourcing and the sharing economy, and suggests open innovation tools that corporations can use to scale faster, cheaper, and more creatively by harnessing the power of the crowds.

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