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Chase Cavill

Business Development Representative
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  • Technology Interest Areas
    Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Robotics, Social Technology

Chase Cavill serves as the Business Development Representative at Singularity, a position he assumed in April 2023. In this role, Chase plays a crucial part in fostering relationships with prospective students for the Open Enrollment programs. He skillfully handles inquiries, guides applicants through the admissions process, and ensures a welcoming experience for those joining Singularity's innovative community. His efforts are focused on linking individuals with educational opportunities that best suit their goals, thereby nurturing future leaders in technology and innovation.

Prior to his current role, Chase's professional journey included impactful positions that have shaped his expertise. As a Business Development Executive at Singularity, he was instrumental in scouting new business opportunities and broadening Singularity's influence in the tech and innovation landscape. His background also includes roles in sales and account management at Verkada, and in talent acquisition and strategic staffing at Randstad USA, where he developed a keen ability in client relationship management and operational efficiency.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Chase is an enthusiastic golfer who values spending time in nature, away from the digital world. Golfing provides him with a peaceful retreat and challenges him to continuously enhance his focus, strategy, and resilience. These attributes not only benefit his golf game but also influence his approach to his role at Singularity, where he is dedicated to excellence and making a meaningful impact.