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Singularity + sync

Global Impact Challenge:
Digital Wellbeing

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Do you have a groundbreaking idea to address the global challenge of misinformation, cyberbullying and social disconnection?

The aim of the Singularity + Sync Digital Wellbeing Global Impact Challenge is to identify and support innovations and startups that have a moonshot of solving these issues. 

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GIC: Digital Wellbeing Challenge Partners

Singularity is excited to host this Global Impact Challenge in partnership with Sync. The Sync Initiative by Ithra is a comprehensive effort to address excessive digital usage and digital behaviors to promote a healthy relationship with technology. Sync is a research-based initiative that includes global research projects, global campaigns, an annual global summit, school programs, and global competitions. The program aims to change negative behaviors when using tech solutions and encourage positive practices.

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What is a GIC? 

Creating exponential
impact since 2010

Global Impact Challenges (GICs) are targeted, impact-based innovation competitions hosted by Singularity. Since 2010, we've partnered with organizations all over the world to create incentivized competitions that address specific challenges our world is facing. Some challenges are geographically focused, while others are topic focused. Occasionally, they’re both. Every challenge is different based on the goals of the partner, but they’re all designed to identify and uplift individuals and startups that are creating exponential impact in their area.

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$250K Prize

The winner of the Singularity + Sync Digital Wellbeing Global Impact Challenge will receive a cash prize of USD $250,000 along with a complimentary seat to attend the Singularity Executive Program. The cash prize will be disbursed in tranches, with the schedule to be determined at a later date. The Executive Program is Singularity’s flagship program—an immersive 5-day learning experience in Silicon Valley for the world’s top executives. First launched in 2009, the program inspires radically new ways of thinking — the kind of mindset necessary for starting new companies or reshaping organizations.
rules + criteria
Applicant Criteria

Who should apply?

The challenge is open to applicants worldwide. Fluency in written and spoken English is required. Ideally, applicants should be founders of a fully established entity at any stage: idea, working prototype, minimum viable product, pilot, or traction.

Applicants must be able to travel to Silicon Valley for the pitch event. Commitment to attending the entire Executive Program is mandatory if awarded the prize.
Assessment Criteria

How will projects be judged?

Projects will be reviewed by a panel of judges who will look at the following:  
  • Relevance of the solution to the challenge theme.
  • Feasibility, viability, and coherence of implementing the idea.
  • Market validation, business model, and traction of the startup
  • Entrepreneurial and innovative potential, emphasizing novelty.
  • Applicant's leadership experience, quality, profile, achievements, and potential.
Entry Criteria

What do you need to apply?

Please upload the following: 
  • CV/Resume
  • Summary of Accomplishments
  • Abstract of Your Solution
  • Video URL introducing yourself
  • Pitch Deck detailing your solution
Singularity uses F6S to receive and review GIC applications. F6S members can connect with funding and grants, post or apply for jobs, get free founder deals and apply to startup programs.
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