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Company Culture Is Either Your Kodak Moment or Your Next Big Thing - Singularity

Brian Solis. published. Dec 2, 2019. category. Views. The “Kodak Moment” is a defining brand position. It still evokes a sense of nostalgia, family, loved ones and a bygone era in which our memories were recorded through years of pictures.

Ideas are Denied by the Dozen: Why We Need to Celebrate Ideas, Ideation, and Innovation to Succeed - Singularity

Brian Solis. published. Sep 23, 2019. category. Views. I tried to be innovative, but I got stuck in meetings all day. I tried to think creatively, but I had to catch up on email. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

5 Laws of Resilient Innovation - Singularity

Brian Solis. published. Oct 14, 2019. category. Views. Disruptive technologies such as AI, machine learning, AR/VR, 5G, quantum computing, autonomous vehicles, et al. are further disrupting legacy companies struggling to keep up with evolving markets.

Selfie-Aspiration: Social Engineering Is Changing our Biology and our Norms and Values - Singularity

Brian Solis. published. Sep 5, 2019. category. Views. Nowhere in the terms of service for any device or app we use did we agree to be digital guinea pigs.

Brian Solis - Singularity

Trust in the Digital Age: How Social Capital and New Business Models Make Trust a Valuable Currency - Singularity

Brian Solis. published. Nov 4, 2019. category. Views. “We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.” -. Source. What is trust?

Brian Ferguson - Experts - Singularity

Brian Ferguson. Singularity Expert: Human Potential, Future of Teams, Global Security.

Brian-computer Interfaces - Singularity

FBL17: David Brin - The Value of History, Criticism, & Science Fiction

David Brin. description.

Five Steps to Successfully Map the Future - Singularity

But futurist and inventor of the threatcasting methodology, Brian David Johnson. , says you also want to answer the question “what kind of future do we. not. want to see?"