Brian Ferguson

Singularity Expert: Human Potential, Future of Teams, Global Security

Brian Ferguson has spent his career working in high-performance organizations, learning from leaders and decision-makers in national security, the military, and technology. He has used those experiences to build Arena Labs, a company pioneering the field of High Performance Medicine® . Arena Labs uses state-of-the-art training and technology solutions to bring the science of peak performance, creative mastery, and elite teams to modern healthcare and surgical teams.  

Before founding Arena Labs, Brian served in the military as a Navy SEAL and as a civilian in national security working on matters of global security policy. He received an MSc from the London School of Economics and remains involved in several organizations related to the impact of technology on modern life.

Speaking Topics

Lessons From Elite National Security Organizations: Why Trust and Failure are at the Center of Avoiding Being Disrupted

Drawing on lessons learned while in the Pentagon, White House, and special operations, Brian discusses the critical importance of trust as a foundation for every elite organization. In establishing a culture of extreme trust, organizations provide a framework that allows for candid criticism and feedback that is essential to constant improvement and evolution. In the absence of trust, criticism can be threatening when said or even worse, insidious because team members are afraid to be provide open critique. As organizations face forces of exponential technology and eventual disruption, introspection and unfettered self-criticism is essential to innovation and long-term success.