Ben King

Singularity Expert: Corporate Innovation, Intraprenuership

Benjamin King is an accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, and Board Member with more than 20 years of success across higher education, government services, consumer goods, and food and beverage industries. His broad areas of expertise include startups, executive coaching, strategy, and compliance.

Throughout his career, Benjamin has held leadership positions with Reaching The Future Faster (RFF), 1487 American Brewing Company, Singularity University, Bosch, and Cres Cor. Benjamin is a change agent and works with US government entities and enterprise clients to enable the future rather than being disrupted by it. His list of accomplishments include setting up innovation capabilities with Fortune 500 clients, authoring innovation playbooks, authoring an exponential enterprise checklist for companies to do a self analysis, to working with US government agencies to adopt new methodologies and exponential technologies to both reduce their future risk and help them realize their mission. Tool sets include embracing emerging and exponential technologies to meet mission objectives or for new or improved customer experiences, corporate revenue, and business practices through Horizon 3 innovation.

Today, Benjamin serves as the CEO of Reaching The Future Faster, LLC (dba. RFF), the new government contracting partner for Singularity University. He continues to serve as a subject matter expert for innovation and guest Singularity Expert.

In addition to being a leader in embracing change, Benjamin founded 1487 Brewery, a Bavarian style gastropub and serves as an advisor to the Board of Milspec Capital.

Speaking Topics

Future of Government

- The current security climate, Risk, future of the workforce.

- How government is and needs to further embrace technological change.

- The similarities & differences in government and the private sector (lessons learned and ready for adoption).

- Risks of Status Quo

- Trends and implications

Entrepreneurship. Startups, the who, why, what, when and how?

- What business are you in?

- Passion

- Can you make it past the valley of death?

- Vision

- MTP + 10, 20 year plan?

- Timing: Is it the right time now?

- Process: Idea -> Business Model -> Proof of Concept -> MVP -> First Customers ->Scale. The implications of each.

- Funding: Self, investors, traditional? Multiple rounds? what does this all mean to me?