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Venus Ranieri

Director, Marketing
  • Honorific
  • Department
    Leadership Team
  • Technology Interest Areas
    Artifical Intelligence, Social Technology, Innovation, Wellbeing, Ethics

Venus Ranieri joined Singularity in 2018 and currently serves as the Director of Marketing, where she leads the company's brand strategy and growth initiatives to support their mission of improving humanity through exponential technologies. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Venus has worked with a diverse range of clients, from early-stage startups to high-visibility brands with over 1 million followers, such as Futurism, PEEPS, Chiquita Bananas, and Mike and Ike Candy.

Known for her expertise in social media and digital content creation, Venus has witnessed firsthand the impact of the evolving digital landscape on business and society. In 2019, she produced and hosted the miniseries "It's A Social Thing," exploring the influence of social media on society. Currently, she is working on a project investigating pricing bias in dating apps.

As an advocate for the responsible development and use of technology, Venus believes in the positive potential of innovation while remaining cautious of the dangers and implications if not thoughtfully designed. Through her work and ongoing conversations, she aims to contribute to a future where technological advancements benefit humanity while minimizing negative societal impacts.

Venus is a graduate of Rowan University where she studied Public Relations, Advertising, and Graphic Design and holds a certificate in IP and Trademark Law from Penn Law.