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Reginald (Reggie) Prevail

Growth Advisor
  • Honorific
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  • Technology Interest Areas
    Exponential Thinking, Ethics, Purpose, Innovation, Transformation

Meet Reggie, an experienced Growth Advisor with a passion for staying ahead of the curve. Currently serving in this pivotal role at Singularity, Reggie excels in providing strategic counsel to leaders, ensuring they navigate the ever-evolving landscape with precision and foresight.

Before joining Singularity, Reggie showcased their expertise in business consulting and investment within the mom and pop shops of the 757 area. Notably, Reggie continues to invest in small businesses and engages in philanthropy in his hometown, demonstrating a commitment to fostering growth and giving back to the community.

Beyond the professional sphere, Reggie reveals a different facet of their personality. A formidable force in the virtual battlegrounds of Call of Duty, Reggie takes pride in his gaming skills. However, what truly defines them is his mastery in the art of fatherhood. Balancing the intensity of virtual warfare with the joys of parenthood, Reggie seamlessly navigates the realms of strategy both in-game and at home.

In essence, Reggie is not just a Growth Advisor in the boardroom but a multifaceted individual who excels in every arena they step into.