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Neil Sogard

VP, Strategy + Special Projects
  • Honorific
  • Department
    Leadership Team
  • Technology Interest Areas
    Artificial Intelligence, Global Grand Challenges

As the Vice President of Strategy and Special Projects at Singularity, Neil is dedicated to expanding Singularity's reach and impact within both existing and emerging innovation hubs worldwide.

Since starting at Singularity in 2015, Neil has been instrumental in leading Singularity Summits, fostering channel partnerships, and developing Singularity Ventures. Before his return to the team in fall 2023, he contributed to Peter Diamandis' core team, focusing on the A360 TechHub and the Platinum Longevity program.

Outside of his professional life, Neil resides in Connecticut and is deeply passionate about spending quality time with his family, sailing, skiing, and engaging in projects that teach children how to utilize advanced technology and mindsets to forge abundant futures for themselves.