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Nea Haberman

Marketing Generalist
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    Social Technology, Impact, Exponential Thinking

Nea Haberman is not just a Marketing Specialist at Singularity; she's a dynamic force infusing creativity and passion into every aspect of her role. She plays a pivotal role in enhancing the Customer Support experience and driving the company's marketing initiatives. Collaborating closely with the Director of Marketing, she shapes and executes social media strategies, and supports data health for marketing and the website.

Drawing inspiration from her background in theatre performance, Nea brings a distinctive set of skills to Singularity. Her experiences have finely honed her creative problem-solving skills, team building abilities, communication strategy, and a profound understanding of people and social connections. Nea has seamlessly transitioned through various roles within both Peter’s team and Singularity, driven by her unwavering passion for exponential thinking and innovation.

Prior to joining the Marketing team, Nea led the Abundance Digital membership for the past three years with a mission to empower entrepreneurs to create a hopeful, compelling and abundant future for humanity.Beyond the professional realm, Nea finds joy in singing, playing music, reviewing movies, and exploring new cities.