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Moe Yassin

Business Operations Analyst
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    Social Technology, Exponential Thinking, Purpose, Wellbeing, Innovation

Moe is a promising Business Operations Analyst at Singularity, eager to apply his unique perspective and skills to contribute to the organization's success. Born and raised in Tamra, Northern Palestine, Moe brings a rich cultural background to his role. He recently graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a degree in Psychological and Cognitive Science, where he demonstrated a strong academic record and a dedication to social impact and justice.

During his time at Claremont McKenna, Moe actively engaged in initiatives that focused on storytelling and community building, aiming to empower underrepresented communities. His involvement in these projects showcased his commitment to creating equitable spaces and driving positive change.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Moe is an avid reader and writer, often dedicating his free time to exploring literature. His love for travel has also broadened his cultural understanding and ability to navigate diverse global environments.