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Lilian Hallstrom

Senior Director, Enterprise
  • Honorific
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  • Technology Interest Areas
    Energy Technology, Fintech, Robotics, Wellbeing, Innovation

Lilian Hallstrom is an innovator and visionary dedicated to shaping a transformative destiny for humanity. In her role at Singularity she applies her expertise as a solutions architect, designer, and future maker, and works to empower leaders to utilize exponential technologies to catalyze positive impact on a global scale.

Boasting an extensive background in international business development, marketing, and talent acquisition, Lilian has navigated the forefront of innovation for decades and pioneered many executive programs, tech odysseys, digital and immersive experiences, as well as bespoke consulting engagements.

As co-founder, executive, or advisor, Lilian has led the charge in steering international digital evolution, overseeing multifaceted research initiatives, and spearheading avant-garde marketing projects. Infused with a passion for creating positive global change, Lilian brings invaluable vision and leadership to her role, propelling Singularity towards its mission by constructing paradigm-shifting programs worldwide.