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Jenny Wright

Director, Knowledge
  • Honorific
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    Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Mixed Reality, Purpose, Communities

Jenny Wright holds the position of Director of Knowledge at Singularity, where she is instrumental in defining the organization's unique contribution to the executive education sector. Her role is centered on ensuring the clarity, definition, and internal accessibility of educational content. Jenny's responsibilities extend from organizing an internal database of experts and their knowledge to cataloging the core exercises and content offered through Singularity's programming. She is committed to ensuring that all team members have a thorough understanding of Singularity’s knowledge assets and can readily access any information needed for their roles.

With a background that blends content management, library sciences, and learning design, along with significant experience in graphic design and copywriting, Jenny brings a diverse skill set to her role at Singularity. Previously, she ran her own content management agency, where she guided educational organizations in developing effective strategies for managing, organizing, and archiving both their internal and external content.

Outside of work, Jenny dedicates a significant amount of time to Generative AI. She conducts classes and workshops for community members, helping them understand and utilize Generative AI in various personal and professional contexts. This expertise is also a significant contribution to her role at Singularity.  Additionally, Jenny is actively working on mastering UE5, aiming to apply it in film, animation, and, eventually, game design. A lifelong fiction writer, her goal is to publish her speculative fiction novels. In her leisure time, Jenny enjoys birding and playing video and board games, with Geoguessr and Wingspan being among her favorites.