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Accelerate organizational transformation using Singularity's Strategic Narrative program. Explore possible futures and develop a compelling vision with creative storytelling to unite stakeholders behind an (un)common vision.

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Explore Possible Futures

Deep dive into the topics that matter to you and your business with our global database of Singularity experts available for private hour-long sessions.

Create Your Narrative

Explore emerging technologies and trends with a facilitator-led, hands-on live learning path over 2-3 days. Multiple Singularity experts will guide you and your team through the content and offer strategies to avoid disruption and drive impact within your organization.

Call Stakeholders to Action  

Learn to see the future. Workshop upcoming technological advances that will impact the future of your industry and organization. Change your mindset and learn to leverage storytelling to reimagine what’s possible in our rapidly changing world.

The Behavioral Science of Innovation

Our Strategic Narrative toolkit draws on the last several decades of behavioral science research to create an approachable, repeatable innovation methodology that directly addresses human limitations related to changing mindsets and behavior.

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visualize your Future

Accelerate organizational transformation using Strategic Narrative. Explore possible futures and develop a compelling vision. Bring your vision to life using creative storytelling that will inspire key stakeholders to take action today.

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"Normally … research within our company is looking backwards, but we are not really looking into the future in a sophisticated way...so it was natural for us to turn to SU, who is probably the best in exponential technologies and understanding what it means and the impact it has, to...understand how life and society will look in 2030..."

Hakan Nordkvist

Head of Sustainability Innovation at IKEA

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