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The Exponential Leader's Guide to Achieving 10x Growth

The Exponential Leader's Guide to Achieving 10x Growth

Grow your toolkit by learning the key principles to master to succeed in an accelerating world, including the importance of:

  • Understanding the impact of rapidly accelerating technologies
  • Having a transformative purpose and taking moonshots
  • Leveraging exponential technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital biology, and more
  • Seeing the world through a lens of abundance rather than scarcity
  • Leveraging the crowd for expertise, solutions, and capital
  • Launching your vision, experimenting, and disrupting yourself (before someone else does)

You’ll learn from the best to understand how and why expanding into new markets can disrupt entire industries by:

  • Examining some classic examples of disruption
  • Learning how to identify great adjacent markets for your business

Learn new ways to disrupt yourself with moonshot thinking and “unholy alliances” by:

  • Recognizing how your biggest problems are your biggest opportunities
  • Examining examples of the most successful unholy alliances
  • Exploring how to start creating your own unholy alliances
  • Learning how to 10x your thinking and take moonshots

At Singularity, we elevate exceptional companies into exponential enterprises that can thrive amid chaos and uncertainty, and we provide the tools, frameworks, and leadership models to help you future-proof your organization.

See how we can help transform your organization into an exponential enterprise with leaders who are prepared to tackle the coming changes and seize new opportunities.


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