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Developing Innovation for Impact at the Billion Scale

Developing Innovation for Impact at the Billion Scale

As we commemorate Singularity’s 10th anniversary, we’re reflecting on the impressive work of SU’s 60+ Portfolio Companies. These impact-focused ventures are building moonshot solutions to global challenges using exponential technologies. Here are five SU startups that are already having an impact now—and offering great reasons to be optimistic about the future.

Deep Blocks

Designing better cities of the future

Deep Blocks is poised to revolutionize real estate development by helping to drive down the costs of construction and enable better cities of the future. In the words of Deep Blocks co-founder Olivia Ramos, her company has “built a way for all of the existing industry players to be 1,000 times faster at what they do. We’ve created a tool that allows them to be very efficient, to optimize buildings with far less cost. We’re reducing the cost by 10x and the time by 1,000x. We’re making these industry players exponentially better at what they already do."

Impact Vision

Feeding a hungry world

ImpactVision is working hard to combat food waste and world hunger. The company’s software platform applies hyperspectral imaging technology and machine learning to food supply chains. The result: faster food quality analysis, greater transparency, less waste, increased yield, and products of a consistent quality delivered to consumers. Co-founders Abi Ramanan and Gustav Nipe started the company while attending Singularity University’s Global Startup Program (GSP) and emerged 10 months later with a minimum viable product to show prospective customers.

Nexleaf Analytics

Using data for good

Nexleaf Analytics works to preserve human life and protect the planet by designing sensor technologies, generating data analytics, and advocating for data-driven solutions to global challenges. The company creates low-cost technology devices and data analytics tools that address the needs of people living and working on the front lines of global public health issues and climate change.

Sanzfield Technologies

Enabling infinite water reuse

Sanzfield Technologies recognizes that for our planet’s survival, water must be an abundant resource. Committed to addressing this challenge, the company leveraged an innovative new biotechnology process of electro-oxidation and electro-molecular maceration to invent a system that rapidly sanitizes water for reuse, using minimal energy and no chemicals.


Improving the global supply chain

Authentise is helping to reduce global supply chain failures by making distributed manufacturing more cost-effective and reliable. The company, which came into being during SU’s GSP, is the second largest company in the $40M market for automation software of 3D printing and provides additive manufacturing software to Nike, Ricoh, UPS, U.S. Industrial Machinery, and others.

Take aim at a global grand challenge and build what matters.

Whether you’re starting or scaling a startup, or innovating inside a large company with thoughts of a spinoff, see how we can help your idea take flight. Get started by learning more about SU Ventures and our Global Startup Program.

Merry Richter

Merry Richter is a Marketing Fellow at On Deck and known by her colleagues as "The Content Queen." She is an accomplished digital marketer and storyteller deep consumer, enterprise, and nonprofit experience.

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