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Breakthrough Innovation: The Intersection of Healthcare & Technology

Breakthrough Innovation: The Intersection of Healthcare & Technology

Like all industries, the healthcare sector is riding a rocketship exponential curve. Game-changing breakthroughs that seemed impossible a decade ago are now hitting full force, and that rate of change will only accelerate in the next ten years as the exponential technologies driving these breakthroughs evolve and converge to become even more powerful. 

In this ebook, Breakthrough Innovation at the Intersection of Healthcare and Technology, you’ll discover insights into the exponential technologies propelling the medical breakthroughs of the future.

What's covered?

Discover the exponential technologies helping to build the foundation of modern medicine, including the following trends:

  • Stem cells and the dream of regenerating our bodies
  • Limitless lab-grown blood
  • Genetics and the promise of gene therapy
  • Pharma and AI, working together


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