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Singularity University Continues Expansion with Acquisition of Singularity Hub Media Network

Singularity University Continues Expansion with Acquisition of Singularity Hub Media NetworkSingularity University Continues Expansion with Acquisition of Singularity Hub Media Network

Mountain View, Calif. (November 14, 2012) – Singularity University (SU) today announced that it is expanding its presence in online media with the acquisition of Singularity Hub a wildly popular and growing media network, which delves into all things impacted by the rapid growth of technologies and scientific breakthroughs that are enabling humanity to enhance society and solve Global Challenges.

Singularity Hub (www.singularityhub.com) covers the latest in robots, genetics, longevity, artificial intelligence, aging, stem cells and other technologies that are expanding human ability, health, and society. Founder Keith Kleiner will continue as Executive Editor and also assume the position of Vice President of Media for SU.

“We are thrilled to now have Singularity Hub as our media platform to increase awareness about the implications of these fast-moving technologies, and make our content more accessible to the world,” explained SU CEO Rob Nail. “As one of the original Associate Founders of Singularity University, Keith is intimately in tune with exponential thinking and the vision that we have at SU. He has created an exciting platform through Singularity Hub that already showcases many of the rapidly accelerating technologies and trends that we see as disruptive forces for the foreseeable future. I’m also very excited for Keith to be joining our senior staff to help develop educational content and expand our global network.”

Peter Diamandis, SU Executive Chairman and Author of The New York Times best-seller Abundance applauded the acquisition. “The majority of the news we hear today is repeatedly negative, and follows the old adage: “if it bleeds it leads.” Singularity Hub is one of the best places to go to learn about the incredible breakthroughs and positive news that are transforming our world and creating an age of abundance. If you want to understand all of the amazing progress going on in the world at an increasing rate, get your news here.”

“As a result of the acquisition, Singularity Hub readers will now have direct access to an impressive and growing network of people, ideas, and content,” explained Kleiner. “In addition, our members can now access outstanding lectures and presentations from the SU archive within our Video Central page.” Kleiner pledged to continue to provide a balanced, insightful, intelligent and critical view of the sci-tech developments around the world.

About Singularity University

Singularity University’s mission is to assemble, educate, and inspire a new generation of leaders in business, science, finance, and government who strive to understand and use exponentially advancing technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. Since 2009, SU has hosted students and industry leaders from more than 70 countries at its campus at NASA Research Park, Moffett Field, CA. Corporate Partners include Autodesk, Cisco, Credit Union Roundtable, ePlanet Ventures, GE, Genentech, Google, Intelius, Kauffman Foundation, Nokia, Steelcase, and Triple Ring Technologies.