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Asian Scientist Magazine Inks Deal with Singularity Group To Produce Tech Documentary Featuring Xbox Hacker Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang

Asian Scientist Magazine Inks Deal with Singularity Group To Produce Tech Documentary Featuring Xbox Hacker Andrew ‘bunnie’ HuangAsian Scientist Magazine Inks Deal with Singularity Group To Produce Tech Documentary Featuring Xbox Hacker Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang

The Hacktivist will shed light on the debate over transparency between users and corporations in the hardware world. 

Asian Scientist Magazine and Singularity Group are pleased to announce they have  entered into a strategic partnership to launch a documentary short film featuring US hacker and activist Andrew  ‘bunnie’ Huang. 

This marks the first-ever collaboration between the award-winning science and technology magazine published by  Singapore-headquartered Wildtype Media Group and Singularity Group, a global impact organization with a mission to  impact a billion people over the next five years. 

Slated to launch in early 2022, the documentary titled The Hacktivist aims to shed light on long-standing tensions  between corporations, governments, and individual users and hackers, as well as transparency issues in the hardware  world. 

“We want to explore the topic of data privacy and the role of big tech in our daily lives,” says Dr. Juliana Chan, CEO  and Founder of Wildtype Media Group. “For this effort, we are examining the complex role of hackers in the tech  industry, and we are learning that they can be a force for good as hacker-activists.” 

Shot in Singapore, Boston, and San Francisco, the Singapore-US production will draw insights from tech experts and  intellectual property lawyers from around the world. In particular, “white hat” (ethical) hackers and hacktivists will be  called upon to weigh in on their multifaceted function in the industry. 

The star of the show, Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang, first drew international fame in 2001 when he clashed with US tech  giant Microsoft for teaching others how to modify the Xbox. Now, the Singapore-based hacker is fighting a lawsuit  against the US government to restore users’ rights to own and use their technology. 

“We help leaders better understand the implications of exponential technology on their companies and communities,  so it’s only right that we encourage meaningful conversations on important topics, even when it may be controversial.  Through this collaboration, we want to spark dialogue about trust in an increasingly technology-driven world” said Mr. Steve Leonard, CEO of Singularity Group.


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About Singularity University 

Singularity Group is a global impact organization that looks into the future to better understand how technology will  shape businesses and communities in pursuit of its grand mission to impact a billion people over the next five years. For  over a decade, Singularity has worked with transformative leaders — entrepreneurs, corporations, nonprofits,  governments, investors, and academics — to leverage the power of exponential technologies to make a positive impact  at planetary scale. With 250,000 impact innovators across the Singularity network, 150 partners across six continents  and a strong digital presence, Singularity Group reaches millions of people each month. The organization has launched  over 5,000 social impact initiatives, with more than 60 startups with a combined valuation of $1 billion. For more  information, visit https://su.org.