transforming the way people think about exponential technology and
the future

our background

Singularity Group is an innovation company that believes technology and entrepreneurship can solve the world’s greatest challenges. 

Singularity works with corporations, nonprofits, governments, investors and academia to leverage exponential technology to solve the world’s greatest problems.

We provide virtual and in-person leadership development, education, innovation programs and consulting for visionary individuals and organizations. 

Our educational programming transforms how to think about the future and how exponential technology can unlock innovations that will change the world. 

Our alumni network includes over 250,000 future-minded innovators looking to make the world a better place.

We have launched over 5,000 social impact initiatives, and our alumni have started more than 200 companies, many of whom are firsts in their industry.

We transform the way people and organizations think about exponential technology and the future.

We inspire, educate and enable leaders to create and accelerate breakthroughs, incubate and accelerate business initiatives that will provide both stakeholder value as well as positively impact people and planet. To enable action our business is broken down into the following:
Executive and Enterprise Education
Global Startup + Impact Ecosystem
Community Activation

With a deep understanding of how exponential technology shapes the future, Singularity transforms the way people and organizations think about the accelerating pace of change and enables them to create and scale initiatives that deliver business value while positively impacting humanity.

Our moonshot: A world of abundance created by futuremakers working together to solve the world's greatest challenges.

Impact that can scale.

An exponential tech pioneer since 2008, Singularity has grown to become a central hub for over 250,000 CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and individuals in startups, corporations, NGO’s, governments and academia. With 34 chapters across 17 countries (and growing) and a community of leaders from around the world, the company has helped launch over 5,000 impact innovation initiatives and its alumni have started more than 200 companies. 

a brief history of singularity

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  • 2022

    Established a partnership with Unlimited Tomorrow to provide prosthetic limbs to victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

  • 2021

    Relaunched our in-person Executive Program, with extensive COVID-19 safeguards in place

  • 2020

    In serving our mission to be a force for positive change, Singularity underwent a comprehensive overhaul, including:

    • In the wake of COVID-19, our services and programs transitioned to primarily virtual rather than in-person.
    • Onboarded an entirely new executive leadership team, including: 
    • Appointed a new CEO, Steve Leonard
    • Dermot Mee as Chief Operations Officer
    • Nuri Djavit as Chief Marketing Officer
    • Chez Rueda as Vice President of People
  • 2019

    Hosted a free, global virtual summit on COVID-19

  • 2018

    Completed a Series B capital raise. Our active global community reaches nearly 200,000. Erik Anderson, CEO of WRG becomes Executive Chairman.

  • 2017

    First online cohort; exceeded impact goal of 5,000 initiatives.

  • 2016

    The Netherlands became our first country partner

  • 2015

    Completed Series A capital raise.

  • 2014

    The first alumni-led Chapter was convened

  • 2013

    Held first corporate innovation program

  • 2012

    Became a Benefit Corporation (B Corp), centering on our mission-driven goals of making a positive impact through the power of exponential technologies

  • 2010

    We held our first Executive Program, first Custom Program, and Global Impact Challenge

  • 2009

    Moved into the NASA Ames Research Center. Launched the first 10-week summer program
    called the Graduate Studies Program, which would go on to be known as the GSP

  • 2008

    Over dinner, Peter Diamandis pitched Ray Kurzweil an idea to create the world’s first university that focused on the wide range of technology disciplines required to adequately prepare leaders for the future. This conversation led to the founding of Singularity by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis with support from NASA and Google, among others

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