The Hacktivist: How One Hacker is Taking on The US Government

Documentary and Panel

What's covered?

The Hactivist is a six-time award winning short film documentary that swept the 2022 film festival circuit by altering viewer perceptions of the activism power of hackers. 

The 40-minute documentary follows Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang, a gray-hat hacker who rose to international fame in 2001 after clashing with tech giant Microsoft over his guide to modifying the Xbox. Today, Huang is suing the United States government to restore users’ rights to own and use their technology autonomously. 

A collaboration between Singularity Group and Wildtype Media Group, publisher of Asian Scientist Magazine, The Hactivist was shot across Singapore, Boston and San Francisco at the height of a global pandemic. 

Following the virtual watch party, we hosted a live panel and Q&A discussion with different voices represented throughout the documentary, including Bunnie, ‘The Hacktivist;’ Ja-naé Duane, behavioral scientist at Singularity Group; Sean ‘xobs’ Cross, hacker and close collaborator of Huang; and others.

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