SciFi D.I.: Design Intelligence for the Future of Learning

What does the future of learning look like?

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine what the future of learning might look like. Do children still go to school, or do schools follow children wherever they go? What happens if these future students and teachers are one and the same, interchangeably student and teacher? Now imagine a future where every person has a life-long AI companion to help them learn the skills as they grow and the world changes. SU convened a Science Fiction Design Intelligence (SciFi DI) workshop in Silicon Valley with 50 innovators to explore the future of learning using the tools of science fiction storytelling and then produced a graphic novel depicting what life might look like in the year 2039 through the eyes of four individuals from all over the world. Explore a world of possibilities in the future of learning with characters Yabi, Carlo, and their AI companions (“Nepis”). Follow their journey as they learn and thrive in a future world of exponential learning.

What's covered?

Read this SU-developed graphic novel to learn how to:

  • Explore central questions about the future purpose of education
  • Discover how one might leverage what were once considered disabilities
  • Imagine what life might feel like in the year 2039
  • Find the massive potential that lies in the future of learning

The possibilities are limitless for improving the way we learn, and we have great opportunities to develop sustainable solutions to the challenges we currently face in learning.

Create your own Strategic Narrative.

Read the Graphic Novel