Navigating the Geography of Change: Thirteen Skills to Master on the Path to Exponential Leadership

Pascal Finette shares a roadmap to success.

Whether you lead a startup, large organization, business unit, or team, you’re facing rapid change. All leaders need to prepare for a future we know is going to be significantly disruptive. But how can you prepare for the unknown? By honing the skills that will carry you successfully through any change. And because the geography before us is virtual, the survival skills needed will be largely related to expanding your critical thinking abilities and developing a mindset that adapts naturally to rapidly changing conditions. In this ebook, Navigating the Geography of Change: Thirteen Skills to Master on the Path to Exponential Leadership, we’re proud to offer some of the best wisdom from Pascal Finette, Chair of Entrepreneurship at Singularity. You’ll discover a suite of important skills that will enhance every leader’s ability to make better decisions, work smarter, and remain calm in the eye of any storm. These skills are separated into those you can nurture on your own and those you can only develop with others.

What's covered?

You’ll find two sets of tools to develop on your own and with others, and you’ll find assignments to help you apply them successfully. Mastering these skills will help put you on the path to becoming what we at SU call an exponential leader—one who can adapt successfully in any situation, stay ahead of change, and drive 10x results.

Among the skills you’ll develop:

  • Learning the art of receiving feedback
  • Discovering how to expand your thinking
  • Understanding how to question everything and admit your limits
  • Redefining what it means to be right
  • Mastering the art of changing your mind
  • Overcoming the fear of the unknown

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