Is AI the Most Transformative Technology?

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In this ebook, The Longest Lever: Is AI the Most Transformative Technology?, you’ll learn about the key trends and compelling AI innovations that are already creating an impact.

What's covered?

Our content taxonomy spans all corners of innovation, impact and the technologies driving change. As a Singularity Member, you'll gain an increased understanding of exponential technologies like AI.

Get expert insights on topics like...

  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Data Science
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Generative Design

What's Inside the Ebook?

Discover the exponential technologies and trends forming around AI research and discoveries, including:

  • The potential economic impact of AI
  • Expert views of the AI future: utopian, dystopian, and irreverent
  • A look into how the world's leading companies treat AI
  • How we could potentially use AI to amplify and augment human intelligence

You’ll gain an understanding of what AI can do for the future of mankind and how current AI capabilities can deliver successful results that benefit people around the world.