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Singularity Labs is the R&D division of Singularity Group dedicated to “building the future.” Our mission is to identify, develop, and bring transformative technologies to market that will have a long-lasting impact on people and the planet.

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Our current focus is on building scalable solutions to solve the massive, global problem of equitable, individual education, as outlined by the United Nations’ SDG #4. SDG #4, “Quality Education,” states that “obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improving people’s lives and sustainable development.”


the first and only personally adaptive VR training platform

that leverages AI, biometrics, and neuroscience to drive an 80% increase in learning

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transform your enterprise training

Learning  is the foundation for unlocking human potential. Immersive Learning available through innovative technology today is an experiential training method using virtual reality to stimulate real-world scenarios. The results are remarkable:   By combining the latest EEG and neuroscience tracking with immersive experiences, Pioneer takes the virtual reality learning experience to a whole new level and provides you with richer data, better predictive power and longer-lasting outcomes.

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4X quicker
to train

vs their peers in typical classroom setting

4x more engaged and  focused

than their classroom and e-learning peers

275% more confident

in applying their learned skills after training

3.75x more emotionally connected

to training material vs classroom learners


Our system will dynamically change the speed, difficulty or flow of the learning experience based on each user’s predicted cognitive state.


The training experience predicts an individual’s specific needs in real-time from biosignals and task performance data.

virtual learning

 Users learn new skills in the context of a highly realistic virtual environment that is accessible anywhere and anytime they choose.

Traditional Learning

A one-size-fits all learning path means some people get left behind while others aren’t reaching their full potential.

Adaptive Learning

Utilizing biometrics and neuroscience we are able to detect when a learner is struggling and make some changes to their path so they are never left behind. When they are fully engaged we can speed things up, or dive deeper into a topic that has captured their attention. Education should be personalized.

see progress in real-time

Leadership, Learning and Development (L&D), and talent teams can track and monitor the progress of individuals and groups involved in the training through a real-time performance dashboard.

Pace any training situation, resulting in faster upskilling and reskilling.

Monitor the progress of individuals and groups involved in the training.

Increase visibility into compliance and identify key areas for further knowledge and skills development.

Maintain tracking and reporting of knowledge and skill acquisition.

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