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Digital Culture, Socio-Economics, and the Importance of Local Impact

October 4, 2021
Douglas Rushkoff


This week we have our first-ever return guest, Douglas Rushkoff, who was one of our first guests on the show. If you missed that episode or you’re not familiar with Douglas, then let me tell you--you’re in for quite the treat. Douglas is a no-bullshit media theorist who is undeniably one of the most influential thinkers who has been steering digital culture.

We touch on many topics in this episode, but without a doubt the biggest focus throughout is how capitalism and digital culture are negatively impacting the ways in which we interact with one another and how we build our communities. We also briefly touch on topics like basic income, NFTs, cryptocurrency, and climate change.

Find Douglas' wonderful podcast at www.teamhuman.fm


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Host: Steven Parton - LinkedIn / Twitter

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