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Comedy, Science, & the Importance of Being Interested

March 21, 2022
Robin Ince


This week our guest is Robin Ince, a comedian, actor, and writer known for presenting the BBC radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage with physicist Brian Cox, his appearances alongside Ricky Gervais, and his stand-up comedy career.

In this episode we explore topics from Robin’s latest book, The Importance of Being Interested: Adventures in Scientific Curiosity, which takes readers on a tour through Robin’s scientific journey, his interviews with guests, and why he thinks it’s so important that we remain interested in science despite the commonly held view that its a distant and difficult subject reserved only for academics. Our conversation also explores the role of technology in all of this, and how it’s related to our relationship with science.

Find Robin's book and tour dates through his website robinince.com or follow his latest updates via his twitter.com/robinince


Host: Steven Parton - LinkedIn / Twitter

Music by: Amine el Filali


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