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Vincent Vuillard

CEO Hive & FutureWork Studio | Transformation Expert | TEDx Speaker | Ex-McKinsey | Former Naval Aviation Officer
  • Location
    New Zealand
  • Area of Expertise
    Leadership, Innovation, Transformation, Foundational Concepts, Economies
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In 2018, Vincent Vuillard embarked on a transformative journey as the co-founder of FutureWork Studio, propelled by an unyielding commitment to revolutionize the very fabric of work dynamics. His overarching goal is to engineer innovative, purpose-driven modes of collaboration tailored to navigate intricate challenges while systematically dismantling the age-old silos that permeate traditional organizational structures.Vincent's career voyage commenced as an officer in the French naval forces, where he immersed himself in leading teams through demanding scenarios, forging his leadership mettle. His transition to global consulting powerhouse McKinsey & Company marked a pivotal chapter, enabling him to orchestrate large-scale transformations across corporate landscapes spanning America, Asia and Australasia. This rich tapestry of experiences culminated in his ascension to helm the strategic capabilities of a $20 billion organization, further illuminating the realm of potential awaiting harnessing.Through his multifaceted journey, Vincent gleaned profound insights into how enhancing individual and team potential translates to elevated organizational and community outcomes. This dual understanding fuels both his research endeavors and hands-on applications. Vincent's trajectory resonates with his steadfast belief in the power of innovative collaboration paradigms to forge a more promising future, unveiling latent potentials and reshaping work as we know it.


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