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Vanessa Gavan

Founder and Joint Managing Director, Maximus International
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    Leadership, Purpose, Transformation, Wellbeing, Communities
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Vanessa Gavan is the innovative Founder & Joint Managing Director of Maximus, a pioneering leadership firm in Australia. Her multifaceted role encompasses shaping the firm's future strategy, cultivating enterprise capabilities, nurturing pivotal relationships and curating a distinctive portfolio of offerings. Drawing upon a wealth of experience, strategic partnerships and rigorous research, Vanessa melds her entrepreneurial spirit with psychological insights. She stands as an astute business advisor, psychologist and steadfast advocate for leaders in search of progressive solutions. With a firm belief in the transformative power of effective leadership, she has witnessed both its far-reaching impact and its absence. Vanessa perceives leadership as a dual privilege and obligation, compelling individuals to intertwine personal purpose with forward-looking visions. This, she asserts, serves as the bedrock for creating visionary companies. Yet, she underscores that this endeavor must be grounded in practical capabilities and rigorous execution to yield substantial, scalable outcomes. Vanessa's dedication centers on nurturing leadership excellence, catalyzing positive change and empowering organizations to flourish in the ever-evolving landscape.


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