Soren Trampedach

Singularity Expert: Future of Work, Disruption

For over twenty years, Soren Trampedach has been shaping the way we work. A major thinker in the optimisation of workplace design, culture, systems and management, Soren draws on his anti-disciplinary approach as well as his Danish heritage to influence and disrupt traditional working environments, improving business outcomes for the solopreneur, the small-to medium sector as well as major corporate entities.Consulting to industry leaders Google, Deloitte and NAB and Facebook, Soren is an authority on the complexity of productivity, using a holistic approach through design, diversity, connections and community to drive motivation and purpose from employee to management to CEO. His quest to break down traditional silos and create a connected human ecosystem in the workplace is the result of his ongoing interrogation of the status quo. By pursuing ‘good friction’ and being open to finding solutions in unexpected places, Soren has developed a unique approach to harnessing talent and creating the ideal conditions for true innovation. It is this approach that makes him a sought-after presenter at innovation events such as VIVID, TEDxSydney and on major media such as SKY Business News, BRW, AFR and Business Insider.The Founder of Work Club Global, Australia’s finest shared workspaces, Soren applies his international experience to the local setting and is passionate about finding ways for the workplace to connect with natural human ecosystems. Tailoring each workspace within its particular setting, Soren expertly uses the SMARTS of buildings and precincts to link the operational and the technological with the uniquely human.