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Sophia Symeou

Co-Founder and Director, Bill Fairies & Founder and Director, INS, Workforces for the Future
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    Communities, Exponential Thinking, Transformation
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Sophia Symeou is a distinctive entrepreneur who holds a profound conviction that businesses possess a vital role in fortifying communities. Driven by her strong humanistic values, she ardently aspires to expedite equality for all individuals. Sophia has garnered recognition for her pioneering efforts in creating frameworks that enhance both individual and organizational capabilities. These frameworks empower individuals to harness their talents in novel ways and enable businesses to reshape and retain their teams effectively.With a diverse background as a change agent, executive and social worker, Sophia has emerged as a respected leader in delivering pragmatic and harmonious HR and people management solutions. Her multifaceted career trajectory reflects her commitment to bridging the gap between personal and professional growth while fostering a sense of belonging in organizations.Sophia's innovative approach underscores her passion for uniting the potential of businesses with the betterment of society. Her pursuit of equitable communities and impactful strategies has propelled her into the forefront of transformative leadership, positioning her as an advocate for holistic progress and purposeful collaboration.


World Capabilities: Attributes and Approaches for the Workforce of Today and Tomorrow