Simone Planté

Singularity Expert: Artificial Intelligence

As the founder of HumAIn Capital, Simone invests in cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Quantum Computing, and frontier technologies. She is a Faculty member of Singularity, where she shares her expertise in Artificial Intelligence with others.

Simone's professional journey began in M&A investment banking at Morgan Stanley. Following this, she co-founded three start-ups that brought to market technology developed by the Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency (DARPA), a branch of the United States Department of Defense. These start-ups attracted funding from companies like Microsoft and Intel and ultimately succeeded in their respective exits.

In addition to her role at HumAIn Capital, Simone is a Venture Partner for Quantonation, the world’s first and largest early stage VC Fund dedicated to Quantum Technologies and deep physics, she is also Venture Partner for Artesian Capital for Artificial Intelligence.