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Simone Planté

Founder, HumAIn Capital
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    Foundational Concepts, Artificial Intelligence, Leadership, Transformation
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With an extensive career spanning two decades, Simone Planté has played a pivotal role in the global technology landscape. Her diverse experience as an investment banker, entrepreneur and Venture Capital Partner has shaped her expertise in the realm of technology companies. As the Founder and Managing Partner of HumAIn Capital, headquartered in Sydney, Simone's focus lies in advising organizations and investing in Artificial Intelligence and deep tech with the aim of fostering positive human impact.Simone's fervor for intricate systems and "O2O" - the amalgamation of Offline (human systems) and Online (artificial intelligent systems) - has been a driving force throughout her journey. Her journey commenced in investment banking with Morgan Stanley corporate finance, where she collaborated with prominent technology pioneers in Silicon Valley. Subsequently, Simone ventured into the startup space, founding multiple tech companies that achieved successful exits.Having lived across diverse international cities such as San Francisco, New York, London and Hong Kong for over two decades, Simone's experiences have equipped her with a global perspective. Recently returning to her native Australia, she brings her wealth of insights and expertise to contribute to the advancement of technology and its meaningful impact on humanity.


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