Sally Dominguez

Singularity Expert: Innovation Strategist, 10X Mindset Catalyzer, Moonshot Thinking

Sally Dominguez is a thought leader in resilience and exponential mindset. An inventor, architect and futurist with seven international product awards, Sally pioneered two new product categories that are now mainstream, and has been named one of Australia’s “50 for the Future” entrepreneurs in the USA. Sally has over ten years judging invention, innovation and Car of the Year awards on TV and in person, giving her a unique perspective and deep understanding of the mental bearable discomfort required to work outside expertise and knowledge while breaking new ground.Sally's skill is provoking consistently innovative thinking in others using her EPIC Resilience framework as a foundation, and her Adventurous Thinking methodology as the strategy. ADVENTUROUS THINKING updates design thinking with disruptive tools and the practices of multiple intelligence and frugal innovation. ADVENTUROUS THINKING is a proactive strategy that uses Five Lenses - Negative Space, Sideways, Backwards, ReThinking and Parkour - to alternately converge and proliferate thinking. ADVENTUROUS THINKING has been used internationally by government departments and education systems, as well as in startups, non-profits and big businesses around the world.As Program Director for Innovation, Strategy and Design at Singularity University in 2019 Sally wrote several future reports examining the role of trust, transparency and resilience in the next ten years. She constructed Diversity and Inclusion workshops and bottom-up inclusive corporate innovation scaffolding remains one of her specialities.Sally’s book EPIC Resilience:Thriving in Chaos, launching September 2020, outlines her strategy for personal resilience and a corporate culture of resilience in the face of exponential change. Sally’s passion is in inspiring optimism and creative confidence in others.