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Sabine Seymour

Co-founder and Chairwoman, Pony Earth & Founder and Data Economist, Moondial
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    Biotechnology, Distributed Ledger Technology, Computing, Governance, Sustainable Development Goals
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Dr. Sabine Seymour is a pioneering data economist, future synthesist and influential figure in the field of #tokeneconomy #ReFi, specializing in #biometric and #environmental #data, #wearabletechnology and #digitalhealth for a regenerative lifestyle. With a career spanning award-winning entrepreneurship, professorship, board membership and investment roles across the USA and Europe, she's left an indelible mark. Having lent her expertise to major corporations like Disney, Intel, Siemens and NASA, Dr. Seymour has emerged as a respected authority. Her interdisciplinary approach involves curating diverse teams of scientists, artists, technologists and economists to create digital products and financial models through distributed technologies, promoting financial, social and environmental sustainability. She reviews for the European Commission, mentors startups including Techstars and NewInc, and co-founded ventures like PONY EARTH for agricultural biodiversity recovery and SUPA for democratizing healthcare. As the inaugural professor of “Fashionable Technology” at Parsons School of Design, she coined the term and continues to share her insights at global platforms like MIT, TEDx and SXSW.Her visionary work has been featured in prestigious publications, solidifying her place as a thought leader. Currently a Singularity University Portugal faculty member, advisor to environmental projects and advocate for startups, Dr. Seymour embodies holistic innovation and interdisciplinary thinking.


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