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Rolando Zubiran

  • Location
    United States of America
  • Area of Expertise
    Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality, Innovation, Communities, Transformation,Social Technology, Exponential Thinking
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Dr. Rolando Zubiran Robert is a distinguished figure with a remarkable career spanning government, enterprise, and innovation. With a wealth of experience in economic policy and development, he has devoted his expertise to fostering entrepreneurship, technological advancement, and innovation to drive regional sectorial growth.

As a Deep Tech Investor and Experience Economy Ideation Expert, he has displayed a remarkable foresight into emerging technologies that are reshaping industries. His advisory role to multinational corporations and high-performing organizations has been instrumental in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology-driven business. Former Minister of Economic Development for the most developed State in Mexico, and former Director General for the National Institute of Entrepreneurship in Mexico in charge of Strategic Sectors and Regional Development.

He is a member of Singularity Group’s Expert team, the world’s leading ExponentialTechnology organization, that helps leaders adapt to a world of accelerating change and empower them to leverage tech to improve the lives of one billion people over the next five years.

Dr. Zubiran is an expert on exponential tech for business and has been focused on articulated integrated emerging technology solutions with practical applications for multiple industries which are platform agnostic and compliant with specific regulatory frameworks. He is a featured speaker in multiple Tech Forums and advises a wide array of companies across different regions.

Rolando is a serial entrepreneur with a focus on building MarTech Solutions. Founder &  MESMR & Assemblr Ventures. An innovative Dubai-based Immersive Economy solutions company which harnesses technology to create immersive, intelligent, data-driven experiences that enable companies to connect with the next generation of consumers and an AI Powered Platform for repurposing existing marketing assets.

Furthermore, Dr. Zubiran Robert holds a position on the Board of Directors of Beacon Media, a global media and entertainment company co-founded by Deepak Chopra. This Dubai-based company employs a data-driven, technology-enabled approach to media production, distribution, and allocation.

As Executive Producer & Head of Experience Economy for Pirexia Films, this production company has been responsible for creating impactful films and documentaries, including award-winning works such as "Olimpia" (winner of an Ariel for best feature length animated film) and "Corazonada" (featured in Rotterdam Film

Festival and the International Film Festival at Los Cabos). Rolando is an esteemed member of MENSA International's High IQ Society and has been recognized and honored by various organisations, including the United States Department of Commerce, which awarded him the Star Partner Award for his exceptional contributions.

Academically, he holds an MBA from the University of Oxford, a Singularity University EP in Emerging Technologies, a Master of Economics and Public Administration from the London School of Economics, a Master in Public Affairs from Sciences Po in Paris, and a PhD in Public Policy from the Graduate School of Public Policy at Monterrey Tec ITESM.

His research interests are currently in AI as a gateway to disrupt content creation from sustainable economic approach and how quantum computing can address the potential future Compute-related inequality gap as AI evolves and GPUs become more scarce.

In his commitment to knowledge dissemination, Dr. Zubiran Robert serves as the curator of the MIT Sloan Management Review Mexico. He also imparts his expertise as a professor at multiple Universities, where he teaches courses on Web3 MKT Blockchain and Decentralized Finance, and lectures on Digital Business AI and Entrepreneurship.


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