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Rodrigo Nieto Gomez

Professor, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Location
    United States
  • Area of Expertise
    Exponential Thinking, Innovation, Innovation
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Dr. Rodrigo Nieto is a distinguished geostrategist and defense futurist focused on the ramifications of swift changes in homeland security and policing. As a research professor at the Naval Postgraduate School's National Security Affairs Department and Center for Homeland Defense and Security, he shapes the discourse on security dynamics.An adept instructor and facilitator, Dr. Nieto has empowered law enforcement, military and homeland security leaders, guiding them in adapting strategies to evolving environments and threats. His academic journey, spanning a Ph.D. in Geopolitics from the French Institute of Geopolitics and a J.D. from the State University of San Luis Potosi, equips him with a unique blend of insights.Singularity University recognizes his expertise, further solidifying his role in comprehending emerging trends and their security implications. Notably, his research explores the U.S. perimeter's security ecosystem, amplifying geographic insights.Also an accomplished author, Dr. Nieto has dissected global organized crime's adaptability, public policy challenges in government innovation, asymmetric warfare and cybersecurity. Twice honored with the NPS LCDR David L. Williams Outstanding Professor Award, he's hailed as a top-performing NPS faculty member.Additionally, fluent in Spanish and English, with professional proficiency in French and intermediate knowledge of German, Dr. Nieto's linguistic versatility reflects his global perspective. Also being a private pilot, he melds intellectual curiosity with hands-on exploration. His impact extends beyond academia, reshaping security discourse and fostering a future-oriented mindset.


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