Peter Wicher

Singularity Expert:

Peter Wicher has more than 30 years of experience in Silicon Valley, with expertise in business strategy and product marketing. He has been a leader in early-stage startups in AI, IoT, and education technology. As a senior executive in the semiconductor industry, he worked at the forefront of computer graphics and video including 3D gaming and high-definition television with companies such as 3dfx and Trident Microsystems. During those years he defined multiple system-level products that together generated nearly $1B in revenue. Peter co-authored an early IEEE paper on integrated sensors, and he was awarded the U.S. patent for a video design that most of us have used: showing a presentation from your laptop computer on a projector or TV.

Peter is also a trained educator who spent two years teaching young adults with learning disabilities. He believes that everyone has great learning potential, and that we are all capable of important insights and significant professional, community, and family contributions.Peter writes about exponential leadership for Singularity University’s blog, and has recently founded, a blog devoted to exponentially growing technologies and their roles in solving significant social challenges. As a Speaker and Facilitator, Peter brings his experience as an executive, technologist, and educator to help Singularity University’s clients understand how to successfully navigate the future by leveraging rapidly growing technologies to grow new businesses by addressing the world’s greatest challenges.