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Peter Cabral

Executive Vice President - Head of Business Development & Smart Cities, UNICOBA & Managing Partner, Mount Olive Partners
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    Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Computing, Governance, Foundational Concepts
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Peter Cabral is a Political Scientist specializing in Economy, Business Administration and Computer Science/Programming, with post-studies in Marketing. His expertise lies in Urban Mobility, Smart Cities, Public-Private Partnerships in infrastructure and public assets, government relations and public policy. With a strong commitment to the triple bottom line framework, he harnesses disruptive technologies to generate abundance for social, economic and sustainable development, aligning political and public governance impact. He advocates the digital and exponential mindset in designing and building more humane, friendlier and smarter cities that prioritize people.Peter is a catalyst for City Transformation, Urban Regeneration and Digital Placemaking to shape the future of cities. He's a global pioneer in Sharing, Collaborative Economy and Gig Economy Solution Platforms. He has also played a pivotal role in introducing Bicycle Sharing experiences in LATAM/Brazil and Argentina. With a successful track record in B2G, B2B and B2C operations, including startup nurturing and acceleration, Peter is also a Business mentor, Smart City Solution Design reference and public speaker. Coauthor of “Mobilidade, Muito Além de Trânsito,” he's authored papers and articles on Urban Mobility, Public Policy, Transportation and Smart City Design, published in various journals.


Future of Cities: Smart by Concept and Design
Future of Government and Governance: Role, Policy and Trust
Urban Mobility, Disruptive Technologies and the Future of Cities