Patrick Halford

Singularity Expert: Mobility, Drones

Patrick Halford is VP of Digital Industries at Spinverse and builds complex European-funded consortia across Healthtech, Compute, Electronics, Energy, Mobility & Smart Cities to accelerate exponential technologies from research into industry. He works across Corporate, SMEs, Startups, Research and University organisations to access expertise and sources of funding.

He is on the board of advisors at a number of Nordic Startups in drones, AR, space and healthtech. He is also a mentor at Startup accelerators in Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia and the Basque Region, and an advisor to several Nordic VCs.

Patrick is a frequent business and technology conference moderator and speaker, and faculty member of SingularityU Nordic covering mobility & drones. Previously he spent 25 years in corporate IT and telecoms leadership positions.

He is based in Finland.