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Patrick Halford

CEO, Gaoithe Advisory
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    Artificial Intelligence, Leadership, Transformation, Robotics, Space Technology, Innovatio
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Pat Halford is an international business leader and expert in mobility and drone strategies, R&D funding partnerships, and the organisational impact of Generative AI. He works with Investors, Boards and Senior Leadership teams helping to adapt organisations and exploit converging exponential technologies including AI, drones, robotics and mixed reality. His expertise in building European R&D partnerships between corporate and research institutions across Healthtech, Electronics, AI, Mobility and Defence industries brings a unique combination of business, technological and funding expertise to his activities with the Singularity Organisation.

He is also on the Board of Advisors for Nordic drone and mixed reality startups, and an advisor to Nordic VCs in the Spacetech, Healthtech and Defence arenas. He is a frequent business and technology conference moderator and speaker, and publishes a weekly newsletter on the impact of AI on organisational development, and runs a YouTube channel focused on the same themes. He is a regular guest lecturer at Nordic business schools. Finally, he is the author of three Nordic thrillers, and one business book on AI, all available on Amazon. He is based in Finland.


Transformational Organisational Leadership Using Generative AI.
The Generative Organization