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Pascal Finette

Chief Heretic and Cofounder @ be radical.
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    Foundational Concepts, Exponential Thinking, Innovation, Transformation, Leadership
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Pascal Finette is a Co-Founder at be radical, where he actively drives innovative initiatives. As Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation, he shapes and guides the landscape of transformative business approaches. Adding to his versatile portfolio, Pascal also serves as a Venture Partner at BOLD Capital Partners, a $250 million VC fund founded by Peter Diamandis.With a rich background, Pascal has held key leadership positions at renowned organizations including Google.org, Mozilla and eBay. His expertise spans technology startups, empowering him to launch his own Venture Capital firm. He leads TheHeretic.org, a trailblazing community, demonstrating his commitment to inspiring and guiding others towards impactful change.Pascal's passion lies in fostering innovation and cultivating transformative solutions. His dynamic presence in entrepreneurship and his role in BOLD Capital Partners amplify his reach in revolutionizing the business landscape. As an influencer and a disruptor, Pascal continually thrives on sparking meaningful change and pioneering novel approaches that resonate within the realm of entrepreneurship and innovation.


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