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Onicio Leal Neto

Researcher & Professor
  • Location
    United States of America
  • Area of Expertise
    Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Innovation, Governance, Communities
  • Type

Onicio Leal has dedicated 14 years to developing data-driven innovation projects focused on exponential technologies and Artificial Intelligence across 15 countries on all continents. He is a certified global faculty member at Singularity University, specializing in data and digital health. Onicio holds a PhD in Epidemiology and serves as a professor at the University of Arizona’s Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, researching and teaching both undergraduate and graduate students.

Throughout his career, Onicio has gained extensive experience working in various industries on topics such as data analytics, machine learning, crowdsourcing, and network science. His work spans numerous sectors, where he has successfully led projects that leverage these technologies to drive innovation and solve complex challenges, with a strong peer-reviewed scientific publication background in high-impact journals.

Previously, Onicio was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Zurich’s Department of Economics and a senior researcher at ETH Zurich’s Department of Computer Science. He served as Director of Research and Development for the govtech Colab.re for two years and spent seven years as CEO of Epitrack.

Onicio has also excelled in deploying innovation projects in low-income settings, demonstrating a commitment to leveraging technology for social impact. His work with wearable technologies includes development, prototyping, and deployment across a diverse array of environments, showcasing his versatility and expertise in this cutting-edge field.

As a consultant and speaker, Onicio has collaborated with prominent national and international institutions, including Wired, Itaú, Braskem, SwissNext, Pernod Ricard, UNICEF, the Inter-American Development Bank the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, and the Institute for Scientific Interchange (Italy), among others. His broad experience and deep knowledge make him a sought-after expert in his field.


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