Ola Kowalewski

Singularity Expert: Fellow Entrepreneurship, Future of Humans

Ola is an entrepreneur and researcher working at the intersection of data, AI, and innovation. As Singularity University Singularity Expert, , her work centers around examining the impacts of an increasingly datafied world, the role of AI in shifting power, and exploring innovation through a critical lens to help steer it towards a just future. She is currently co-founder at Outline, a knowledge management platform augmenting high stakes decision making through team collaboration and machine learning. Previously, Ola ran an infection control medtech startup, a product design studio, and was Entrepreneur-In-Residence at SU Ventures, where she helped impact oriented startups solve global grand challenges. Outside of work and research, Ola is a music aficionado collaborating with the SETI Institute on an art project crowdsourcing and archiving music for launch into space. Away from the computer, she can be found splitboarding, surfing, sailing, or playing blues on the vibraphone