Dr. Michael Housman

Singularity Expert: Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Michael Housman is a seasoned technologist and data scientist specializing in the integration of artificial intelligence and human psychology. Over the course of his career, he has held a variety of C-suite roles and led technology divisions at various early-stage companies, hiring and managing teams that have grown to include hundreds of engineers and data scientists. His hands-on approach to leadership is exemplified by his commitment to coding and model building, ensuring he remains at the cutting edge of his field. He has helped architect platforms aimed at enhancing the hiring process (Evolv), handling time tracking and payroll for small business employees (Homebase), enhancing customer communication(RapportBoost.AI), detecting fraud (Point Predictive), and facilitating real estate transactions(Doma). Of those five start-ups—one was acquired, one went public, another is poised for anIPO in 2025, with others making significant strides in the industry.

As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Dr. Housman has delivered hundreds of talks worldwide across more than a dozen countries, consistently receiving top accolades from diverse audiences. His expertise has enlightened executives within an all-star list of organizations, including: American Express, Barclays, Accenture, Deloitte, PepsiCo, Aramco, U.S Venture,Resort World, and YPO. In addition to his leadership roles, he actively provides artificial intelligence and data science advisory services to both burgeoning start-ups like PetLab, as well as established enterprises such as Coca-Cola. Dr. Housman's unique ability to demystify complex technical concepts and present them engagingly sets him apart in a field often dominated by futurists and theorists.

Dr. Housman's academic credentials are equally impressive. His pioneering research, published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, presented at dozens of academic and practitioner-oriented conferences, and featured in prominent media outlets like The New York Times, Wall StreetJournal, The Economist, and The Atlantic, underscores his significant contributions to the field.Not only has his work been recognized by academics and the media but has also captured the attention of other thought leaders in the space, being featured in Adam Grant's second book "Originals"; as well as the "Freakonomics" podcast. He is a regular lecturer at the McCombsSchool of Business at the University of Texas-Austin, teaching undergraduate and MBA students about the intersection of AI and business. Dr. Housman holds a Ph.D. in AppliedEconomics and Managerial Science from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvaniaand an A.B. from Harvard University.

Speaking Topics

Generative Artificial Intelligence: The Third Wave of Digital Disruption

In the 1990s, we saw the rise of the consumer web completely change the way we produce and consume digital content. In the 2000s, we saw social media transform the way we connect with others. And now, in the 2020's, we're in the middle of a third wave of digital disruption as generative artificial intelligence is transforming the way that content is created. Given that these tools are evolving at an exponential pace, you may be asking yourself: Where is generative AI headed? How can I keep up and stay competitive within a constantly evolving landscape? Where do I even begin? With 15 years of experience helping organizations to transform through the intelligent design of artificial intelligence applications, Dr. Michael Housman outlines a framework for identifying the biggest opportunities to apply generative AI tools and offers up concrete examples of organizations that are already making the leap. He then goes on to lead the audience in an interactive workshop in which they create a product pitch from scratch in just minutes leveraging generative AI tools that are readily available, showcasing just how powerful these applications can be when they’re put in the right hands.

Creating with Generative AI Tools: An Interactive Workshop

The recent explosion of generative artificial intelligence applications is upending the way we work and live by transforming the way that content is created: images created by MidJourney are photo-realistic, ChatGPT can synthesize content, and a variety of multimedia tools audio tools allow users to compose music, voiceover, and video from text. With the near constant rate of change, it may feel impossible to keep track of the latest and greatest tools that can give people and companies a massive productivity edge.

The purpose of this interactive workshop is to expose the audience to some of the more powerful generative AI tools on the market and to give them practice leveraging those tools to create content. The audience will be divided up into groups and will be asked to come up with a product idea for which they will develop components for a product pitch using a variety of generative AI applications:

  • Generative pre-trained transformers (ChatGPT) that can create prompts
  • Deep learning, text-to-image models (MidJourney) that can create and adjust images
  • Transformer-based audio models (MusicGen, ElevenLabs) that can convert text into audio
  • Transformer-based video models (RunwayML) that can convert text into short video clips
  • Ensemble models (Tome) that can create advanced multimedia presentations from text.

Audience members will spend 15-20 minutes with each tool, getting accustomed to it, iterating on the results, and creating multimedia content.  After generating collateral using all of the above tools, a professional video editor will help pull it together into a 30-second video that will be showcased during a “show and tell” during which each group will present what they created.  Judges will vote on the best product idea with the most compelling pitch and a prize will be awarded to the winning team.

Understanding the Explosion of Artificial Intelligence: Past, Present, and Future

We are living in the midst of an explosion of artificial intelligence that is disrupting entire industries and completely transforming the way we live: new cars now have autopilot for highway driving, email and text messaging applications anticipate our next sentence, our phones recognize our faces and voices, and robots are learning to move and manipulate objects on their own. But if the algorithms behind many of these advances were developed decades ago, why are we only now starting to appreciate the full impact of this disruptive technology? Drawing real-world examples from a variety of different companies and industries,Dr. Michael Housman offers up some insight into why the explosion in artificial intelligence is occurring now, how you can best position your organization to harness the power of these advances, and what the future looks like for the fields of computer vision, natural language understanding and generation, reinforcement learning, and cognitive computing.


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