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Mark Bonchek

Chief Epiphany Officer of Shift Thinking & Harvard Business Review contributor
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    Exponential Thinking, Foundational Concepts, Leadership, Purpose, Transformation
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Mark Bonchek is a visionary leader who believes in transforming thought to catalyze change. As CEO of Shift Thinking, he guides organizations in shedding outdated mental models and embracing new ones to drive growth, engagement and performance. Also a faculty member at Singularity University, Mark instills an exponential mindset in leaders, urging them to forsake incremental shifts for transformative leaps and abundant possibilities. With nearly fifty articles published in Harvard Business Review, he is a prominent contributor to the discourse on innovative thinking.Mark's pioneering journey spans over two decades on the digital frontier, marked by an astute grasp of future trends and their present-day relevance. His groundbreaking work extends to roles such as Director of Research at the Strategos Institute, COO of TomorrowLab@McKinsey and CEO of Truman Company. Through Shift Thinking, he equips companies like SAP, Kaiser Permanente and ABC with tools to shift strategies, marketing and organizations to thrive in the digital era.An originator of the Thinking Styles assessment, Mark enables individuals to understand their collaborative strengths and weaknesses in teams. His insights have garnered attention, with his HBR article on thinking styles ranking among the publication's top ten in 2015. Also known for his engaging speaking style, Mark's impactful talks are tailored to each audience's needs and event objectives.


The Exponential Journey